MK-V J-Boxes (Upper Junction Boxes)
The MK-V J-Box is the top of Post/topstage mounted state of the art electronics distribution box for power and video.
The MK-V J-Box mounts to the Standard or deluxe Topstage or Top of Post, and enables up the post cabling to the MK-V D-Boxes.

We now have 3 models of J-Box:
Lite*, V2*, V2 top of post and the all-new V3+.

All MK-V J-Boxes distribute clean 12v & 24v power and video through out the sled.

The Standard, V2 and V3+ J-Boxes have the Standard 1.5″ 6/32 UNC mounting holes in.
They also have the Focus mount to allow users to bolt any focus system to the J-Boxes.