MK-V Company Profile

Howard J Smith

As a working Steadicam™ Op, working on some of the most demanding films, I grew increasingly frustrated with my equipment and its reliability and weight. Over a period of 6 years the new system was designed to replace my “trusty” Mk3, piece by piece,
until the MK-V Evolution System was born.
That was 12 years ago, we now have The most advanced professional Modular Sled system in the world,
available ready for the next generation of film making.

The MK-V System is a Reliable, future proof, modular, weather proof, lightweight, comfortable
and backwardly compatible system for all operators.
The MK-V system can be configured with each job from iPhone to IMAX, Digital to film or HD/video.
All our systems are 12V & 24v as standard and have HD-SDI.

My policy is to produce the best Modular, professional, simple, lightweight, cost effective, stable, and above all reliable camera stabilizing platform, that can grow with the operator and technology.

MK-V Sleds are used by most of the industries top operators and companies.

The MK-V system is also ideal as a first system. You can tailor the MK-V system to suit your needs and budget. When you move on you can upgrade your system to a full feature package with all the innovations you will ever need to shoot even the most demanding film.


Most of our new customers are existing Operators upgrading their sled system
and have found the Nexus system to be the sled of choice.

As an upgrade for Ops who are looking for a new sled or system to replace their original sled,
the MK-V can be used to replace any or all parts of any professional system.

MK-V is growing from strength to strength and we now have the new HD MK-V AR Lite, V4 and Alpha System.

We at MK-V are always open to ideas, if you don’t see what you need on this site,
why not send us an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do to help.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy shooting.

Howard J Smith