The ALL New V4 Electronics

The V4 has been designed for the future!

The All New MK-V V4 electronics are a result of 12 years of R&D. With 2 x HD-SDI totally bulletproof signals, even around the new breed of High power 5 watt walkie-talkies.

Here are some examples of options of the V4 in use:
  • Shooting 3D you can now monitor both cameras ideal for setting flags and filters – and when used with the transvideo 3D monitor, 3D monitoring on the sled.
  • For use with cameras like the Alexa and Codex – you can have 1 HD-SDI as monitor out into the sled monitor with frame lines etc, and then the 2nd HD-SDI can be used to monitor the codex output and feed into a digital transmitter like the Boxx™.
  • For live work – Camera output and Return video both in HD-SDI
  • When used with the Infinity Monitor arm you can mount as many monitors as you would like(the record at the moment is 4)

The V4 D-Box and J-Box have improved power, as does the new post cable, with 2x HD-SDI, SD, 4 x 12v&24v power outputs on the J-Box as well as 2 x 12v&video and AR outputs.

The V4 D-Box has AR, 12v&24v, Monitor, BNC, 2 x HD-SDI, recorder and 12v&Video outputs.
Tally, Aux 12v and 4th Video line can be run thru the AR comms lines.

As with ALL MK-V systems and electronics these can be upgraded too from earlier systems.