The Evolution Base Systems

The MK-V D-Box’s and Battery modules mount directly to the MK-V Evolution base Frame system. This modular frame is the heart of the MK-V Evolution system and allows for mounting of various optional accessories including Gyros.

MK-V also have a very simple and slim base for working in small spaces (cars etc.), this is a very simple dual bar system with mounts for all the MK-V accessories.

The Evolution Base frames unique design (patent pending/design registered), has mounts for the user changeable battery modules and D-Boxes. Its lightweight and rugged aerodynamic design almost totally eliminates any wind problems, especially when used with the MK-V LCD Monitor . This is particular noticeable in low mode, and the open construction is also very helpful to see through.

more info on gyro base systems.




Li Qiang on “Mei Lan Fang”


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