One On One Personal Workshops

I am very happy to be able to offer this unique personal workshop.

Usually it is just 1 or 2 days and we cover ALL areas of ‘Steadicam’ Operating.

And we also offer a One on One AR workshop as well.

This works very well with Everyone’s schedules..

Please email me for details.



The first two days cover the introductory aspects including:

  • Theory of how Steadicam™ works
  • Basic set up of the system
  • Basic Operating Techniques

Suitable for anyone with no Steadicam™ experience

The next two days cover the advanced aspects including:

  • Hard Mount on Rickshaw and ATV Quad Bike
  • Practicality of use on Handsfree Transporter
  • Understanding a crane Step on and off
  • Using Gyros to stabilise the sled further

Suitable for anyone who has used Steadicam™ quite regularly
There are a variety of “Steadicam™” systems used on the training course, these include the entire MK-V range, Steadicam™ Master and Flyer systems and Old favorites like the EFP and MK3a.

We always aim to have one system per student – ensuring everyone has the best chance of learning.

The workshop is held over four days, two days introductory and two days advanced – these are available separately or as all four days, please get in touch for further information.