Master Upgrade

 At long last I have managed to upgrade the ‘Steadicam’ Master Series. This has been the trickiest upgrade of them all due to master’s “unique” build.

(photo of prototype system)

Now you are able to keep the main parts and replace the rest. You keep the post, gimbal, topstage and monitor from the Master and then the rest is replaced with new MK-V mechanical and Electronic parts.
This linked into the Master post and topstage, gives the user 12v & 24v as standard, and SD Video. It maybe possible to add HD-SDI to this as well – Please email me for details.

Photo of prototype on test in basic mode – Flies great at only a fraction of the weight.

 Due to the weight of the Master sled in general,
(it weights the same as a V3+ deluxe Nexus and AR system together…)

Prototype with lightweight base and Genesis Monitor arm

The Master topstage is very heavy, so I have had to balance this out, so the upgraded sled is still much lighter than before, but not as light as a Nexus or Genesis sled.

We also have Master Arm upgrades that lower the spring rating and are easy to add or remove as needed.

All parts of the upgrade (apart from the post mount) are usable in any of the MK-V sled systems and it is easy to upgrade from this package into a full MK-V Sled system.

Picture of a master with a Dual V-Lock on

We can also now upgrade your Master’s Batteries to Any of the popular battery mounts
All we need from you is a dead or spare battery. This also allows hot swapping.

And you can still use your normal Master batteries if you wish.
Or modify them so you can have Anton Bauer and V-lock that can change in seconds.

The ‘Steadicam’ Master Series® was made by Cinema Products™