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“The AR is an amazing piece of equipment”

— Chris McGuire
Enabling effortless transitions between high and low modes, the AR exemplifies our dedication to revolutionising film production. This tool isn't just part of your kit—it's your partner in bringing your cinematic visions to life.

Our range

The AR2

Precision control from high mode through to low.

The Sled

Optimal balance for that perfect image.

The Gimbal

Granular control at your fingertips.

The Level

Perfect for keeping on the level.

The Handwheel

An age-old technique for modern cinematography

The Thumbwheel

Not fingers – thumb control!

Set Simulator

Create your film set in real-time, real space.

AR-Vision Pro

Our vision for the future.

Revolutionary innovation

At MK-V, we stand at the forefront of camera stabilisation technology, consistently pushing the boundaries of what filmmakers can achieve.

Our products embody our dedication to enhancing creative flexibility and cinematic quality. We design our systems with modular, adaptable components that meet the precise needs of film professionals.

Featured productions

Our products have been utilised on many high-profile productions. Here are just a few:

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