The MK-V 4 Stage Deluxe 2″ Post

The MK-V 4 Stage Deluxe 2″ Post is the heart of the MK-V system. This post was designed for the MK-V AR system.

The MK-V 4 Stage 2″ Carbon fibre Post is a lightweight but Very rigid Super post system.

This Post is also used in the PRO – Upgrade.

The 2″ 4 Stage post with Inverted Nexus base is 0.5″ shorter than a PRO 2© Sled.
We can also supply a Shorter version of the 4 stage post.

All MK-V Carbon Fibre posts are custom made for MK-V, with maximum strength and rigidity in all axis. (see below)

The post has a built in docking collar and a 2″ base hole pattern. (1.5″ base version available)

The Topstage mount has industry standard hole centres.

This post is supplied with a lower docking collar.
This post also works with Jerry Hills Gorelock system
(you need both 2″ & 2.125″)

4 Stage Post

AJ and his Nexus and AR


Me testing the V1 version of the 4 stage post – the V2″ version is twice as strong!


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