The MK-V Weight-Cam

All New V2 Weight cage / Practice camera is a whole new concept.

Designed to be used as a weight cage for DV cameras and as a practice camera, with built in video camera and zoom lens and 400′ mag, the MK-V ‘Weight-cam’ is a hybrid of all the main film cameras used today, in its basic form it has approximately the same weight as the ARRI 235 with 400′ Load and a Cooke S4 or Master Prime, but more the size of the ARRI 435 / ARRIcam LT / Panavision XL. You can easily add more weight plates to get the camera to the ideal heavier weight.

The Weight-Mag is of similar size and weight as an ARRI 400′ steadi-mag with 400‘ of 35mm film. The Weight-Lens is of similar size and weight as a Cooke S4 or Arri Master Prime and also has mounts for the optional video camera with zoom lens. This camera is also designed to fit into the MK-V AR to give a more realistic weight and form when practicing. It is ideal for demos and trade shows as it is the correct size, and we can even do a plate with a PL mount on, instead of the weight lens, so it can be used to demo lenses or focus systems. (or both)

Basically it has the same size and weight as a professional 35mm film camera, without all the insurance hassle!

BJ Mcdonnell with his Nexus, AR & Weight-cam

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