The NEW MK-V Alpha HD D-Box

This new cost-effective and powerful lightweight electronics package of Alpha D-Box, J-Box and post cable have the important features of it bigger brothers, Max power and bullet proof HD-SDI, but without AR, video DA and only 2 battery inputs – make this an ideal starting out or 2nd sled electronics.

It has an 1 x 8-pin PRO® compatible monitor output, 1 x 12v&24v power output (Gyro’s etc), 1 x12v&Video output for video link, 1 x HD-SDI in/out.
It has 2 x battery inputs, all with individual battery monitoring LED’s, there is also a 12v /24v switch for use with 24v cameras, (even in 24v mode 12v cameras or accessories can never be harmed (when used with an MK-V J-Box and cables)

Standard D-Box

As with ALL MK-V systems and electronics these can be upgraded too from earlier systems.

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