The ALL new MK-V V3.5 HD D-Box and V3.5 Post cable.
(updated 1st May 2012)

This D-Box system as with all MK-V sleds you can upgrade to the latest version in a matter of minutes.


The New 2012 V3.5 HD D-Box has New improved HD-SDI, Power Distribution and
a new Video DA to give even cleaner pictures for all outputs at once.

It has an 1 x 8-pin PRO® compatible monitor output, 1 x 12v&24v power output (Gyro’s etc), 1 x12v&Video output for video link, 1 x Recorder out/in (5v, 7.2v, 9v and 12v available) 1 x SD-BNC out. 1 x AR power & Data, 1 x Tally and 1 x HD-SDI out.
This D-Box was designed to work with the MK-V AR system.

This V3.5 D-box and J-Box system combined with the V3.5 post cable are designed for MAX Power for the Panavision Genesis and Sony F35 & F23 Cameras.
The ALL NEW V3.5 Post cable and Electronics Upgrade can be added to any existing V3 System.
Please email us for details.
(around twice the power of the V2)

It has 4 x battery inputs all with individual battery monitoring LED’s, there is also a 12v /24v switch for use with 24v cameras*

*even in 24v mode 12v cameras or accessories can never be harmed (when used with an MK-V J-Box and cables)


If you have a Standard, V2 or Lite D-box system it is possible to upgrade to the Alpha, V3.5 or V4 System.

for more information please email –