MK-V is Proud to offer the New 1000 Nit Transvideo HD SBL monitor with any of its systems.


6” H-Definition Monitor for Digital Cinematography
HD/SD SDI auto-sense & Analogue inputs
Color, Green Screen & monochrome display
4:3, 16:9, Anamorphic, Safe area Markers.
Luminance Waveform Monitor as a basic function.
Horizontal, Vertical flips & Autoflip
Zoom & Move functions, User set-ups
High brightness display 1,000 NITS LED backlight
Viewing angle optimized for body-rig use Left right down 80 deg, Up 60 deg.

1 SD input & 1 SDI reclocked output on BNC
1 CVBS input, 1 YPrPb HD input on Lemo 8
Power 10 to 36v DC on XLR 4 (-1, +4) 15.5W
Galvanic insulation of the power supply.
Weight 1200 grams, 2.6lbs, Including bottom Slide with ¼-20 nut.
This product is also available with 2 SDI (HD/SD) inputs and Reclocked output. (same price)
Frameline Generator, HD Frameline option, Horizon, HD Leveler option
Advanced Measurement tool
Set of tools for video measurement including RGB Waveform, Vectorscope, Histogram & overexposure control


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