The V2 MK-V/Hummingbird LCD is the brightest daylight viewable LCD – sun hood not required. This monitor was designed specifically for MK-V and ‘Steadicamâ„¢’ work. (PAL & NTSC – auto switching). This monitor does not really have a NITS rating as it is trans-reflective and the more light that hits the screen the better the picture.

This new V2 monitor has a 6.4″ (4:3) diagonal screen and 4:3, 16:9, 2:1 and user aspect ratios as standard. Built in frame lines, center cross and border. Zoom in and out. Flip and reverse scan. And built in heaters for working in sub zero temperatures. Plus PRO compatible connections and built in Tally lights (for use with the V3 system).

The back box also has a battery input, so you can power the monitor off the sled with your MK-V battery module. There is also Video in & out BNC connectors and a 0b 4 pin transmitter output (12v & Video)

The V2 now has improved video DA built into the back box for use with none-MK-V systems. This gives true colours and contrast regardless of the video level. It also has the termination switch – very useful in low light or with bad video taps.

The Back box DA system and V3 Tally are available as an upgrade – please email for more details.

Available with either a CP mount or PRO mount.




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