The MK-V V2″ Advanced gimbal (Patent pending) is a fully 2″ post ready for all professional systems inc. Pro, MK-V and Steadicamâ„¢.

The V2″ Advanced Gimbal is unlike any other gimbal out there, almost frictionless, able to rotate end over end in shot, And designed to be world’s first modular professional gimbal.
The V2″ is compatible with all post sizes from 2″ to 1.5″ (smaller sizes are also possible). The V2″ has no play in any axis and has been designed with The MK-V AR System in mind.

We can provide this gimbal in either 5/8″ or 3/4″ (19mm) or Both…

With tools free adjustment and tools free interchangeable handles, it is now possible to change your handle between takes. We have a number of different handles available for different applications and if you have a particular idea please email us and we will try and help.



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