MK-V V2″ Monitor Arms

The MK-V V2″ Telescopic Monitor arms are available in 2 versions, single and dual. Both monitor arms are telescopic and have rotatable mounts to allow easy and quick spinning of the monitor for low mode. Available in either CP or PRO mount.

Monitor arms are now 2″ as standard, but have inserts and can be made to fit to any post, inc. 1.5″ and all the way down to 3/4″


We Now have the new Drop down feature that lowers the monitor a further 2″
(this will work with the original V1 monitor arms as well)
These additional bars also work with the Tiffen Ultrabight monitor mounts.

And we can now offer other lengths of bars for the monitor arm

Standard 7.5″, Medium 9″ or Long 11″

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