This all new Super-Post system is for all ‘PRO’ models (with the single cable)

The MK-V – ‘PRO’ Upgrade system is:

  • MK-V 2″ 4 stage post 21″ – 72″ (built in super post)
  • MK-V V2″ Advanced Gimbal
  • MK-V V2″ telescopic Monitor arm in ‘PRO’ mount
  • MK-V ‘PRO’ DB 1,2 or 3 and ‘PRO’ output cable compatible J-Box (AR output as well)
  • MK-V V2″ Docking station

This package is designed to totally replace the ‘PRO’ post system from the DB/Topstage down to the lower J-Box/base. It can be swapped over in minutes and on set. All you need to do is remove the 4 screws on the base of the post system and the 4 screws that hold the DB/Topstage, then swap the post system over re plug the new cable and re-bolt. The advantage of this system is you have a built in super post, stunning rigidity and V2″ Advanced Gimbal, therefore you never have to change posts again. Plus you have the new mid length.

This system is also designed for Jerry Hills Jerryrig® base system. (Jerry Hill’s 2″ Gorelock system also available soon for the MK-V 2″ 4 stage post)

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