The NEW MK-V ‘Flyer’ Upgrade (Also Mini, pilot & Glidecam etc)

 We have been asked lots of times in the past – “Can you upgrade a Flyer?”

And now, finally, the answer is: yes!!!‘Flyer’ with Combo base

We start with a low cost, basic upgrade. This dramatically improves the stability, balance, and inertia of the platform and gives you a 1.5” lower post to mount to, and the incredibly versatile Genesis Clamp system (19mm). This upgrade does not add to the weight of the sled as it replaces the ‘Flyer’ base with lightweight components. If anything it is slightly lighter..

‘Flyer’ with Lite base and genesis Monitor arm

Also the original cables pass through the new post and base to plug into the monitor and batteries.
It is possible to Upgrade to the new Alpha D-Box and J-Box (coming soon).

‘Flyer’ with Alpha Base

You can then upgrade further adding a Genesis Monitor arm and even the Alpha base and Electronics.

Should you want to, you could even have a Genesis or Nexus base on the Flyer…

‘Flyer’ with Nexus base and Genesis Monitor arm

Even though this is called the ‘Flyer’ Upgrade, we can now upgrade ANY sled system, with post sizes up to 2″.
Please email for details

All these items are Genesis and Nexus compatible, so when you want to upgrade further you will only be adding to what you already have. As you continue to upgrade any MK-V’s parts no longer needed can be part-exchanged against new MK-V parts.

We also make arm posts from 5/8″ to 1/2″ and 3/4″ to 1/2″

 So now it is possible to begin upgrading immediately, and have your system grow and expand as your career and jobs need it to.

The ‘Flyer’ sled made by Tiffen Steadicam™