The New MK-V V2 Genesis Sled

V2 Lite with RED one
V2 Lite Inverted Base with RED one and RED Batt Module

The new V2 Genesis base system is an all new (patent pending) lightweight modular design.
It has a huge number of all new features and is designed to work with all the new breed of cameras. (And the old ones too!)

(me with the PFX 3D SI rig)

The main innovation of the V2 Genesis base, apart from the light weight, is that the whole base can be inverted, so the post can either join to the D-Box as normal or to the base it self – This allows for the user to put their own cables down the post, very useful with new cameras like the RED One/Epic and the SI Mini. (2” 2 stage post recommended for this)

The V2 Genesis D-box has all the usual power and video features inc 12v & 24v and HD-SDI as standard.
By changing the battery bars from carbon fibre 19mm ( ¾”) to, either, aluminium or steel you can dramatically alter the weight of the base of the sled.
The NEW Genesis monitor arm is totally compatible with all systems and post sizes and even the HD-SLR cage

This is a very light sled system, though it flies like a much heavier sled, but it is, nonetheless, an incredibly stable platform.

Even though this is a light weight sled, there is no limit to the weight of cameras you can use with it.
Like ALL MK-V Sleds it can fly from iPhone to IMAX!

V2 Genesis base in Standard Mode – Deluxe Mode has 2″ post

Part of the Infinity System