New MK-V HD-SLR Weight-Cage

The ALL new MK-V HD-SLR weight-cage is a brand new concept in easily mounting lightweight cameras to ‘Steadicams’ or ANY other application you can think of!

The new cage works in various ways and allows the user to keep the camera and all accessories rigged yet move it quickly between ‘Steadicam’, handheld, and tripod/ crane work.

Unlike normal weight cages, this new concept uses the weights you already have and puts them just where you need them. The bare cage is not that heavy at around 2kgs (4lbs)

I first showed the HD-SLR cage at Cinegear (2010) and all the operators who tried it were blown away by how wonderful it feels. The design feels like you are using a big camera, like a LW Panaflex, in the way the sled moves and behaves, but with only a fraction of the weight. As the HD-SLR cage has mounts for a vast range of accessories and options, you can mount everything and anything you need to work with any camera.

For example using the 5D/7D you can mount focus systems and motors, Batteries, converters and monitors etc (not included) to the cage so the camera becomes a complete package, more like a film or HD camera. With the use of the MK-V Quick-Stix™ (available soon) you can easily go between ‘Steadicam’ and Tripod/crane or handheld.

We also have hand held attachments for this system.

The cage is fully compatible with RED One 19mm handheld mounts.

It can also take the RED One, Epic and all handheld cameras, from the Sony EX-3 and HD still cameras to iPhones and other camera phones! The idea is that the camera lives in this cage system and you mount this complete working system to anything you want.

The system is totally compatible with all the Genesis Sled, battery and Monitor mount and it also makes for a wonderful practice cage!

Please email for more information.

Part of the Infinity System