The Amazing
Handsfree Transporter

is now exclusively available from
and MK-V Australia.
We can also offer these amazing systems in the UK.

For those of you not familiar with the Handsfree transporter, this is freedom on a grand scale.

The Handsfree is a modified Segway system, converted so you do not have to hold onto anything; therefore you are free to shoot from this mobile platform, either hard or soft mounted, handheld, or Easyrig at speeds up to 20kmph.

There are 2 models – Lean or pedals.

The lean is the latest version of the Segway and this is available in 2 versions, basic and full feature. This is also available with a wonderful hard mount. The soft mounted system allows the operator to step on and step off from the front or back without any help.

The pedal version uses the original design of Segway and you control the steering with your feet.

This is also available with the hard mount (recommended)

When used with the MK-V AR system, this becomes an immensely powerful, and mobile, system.

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